Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Staging, Day 2

I arrived in Philly yesterday and immediately started orientation. Allota information all at once but it was good. Mom, Dad, Sharon and Annette dropped me off at the airport yesterday morning around 5. Good to be sorta out of it, tired, groggy so i wasn't too emotional...making leaving harder. I hugged my dad first, and my mom last. I noticed later, as I was wiping tears away, that her perfume was on my shirt. Her scent, Skin Musk, got me to the Milwaukee airport feeling some semblence of home still with me. She told me to go with God's love; i go with her love, and dad's love, my family's love, my friends' love. More about my fellow trainees later....but so far so good.

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Ceason said...

So glad to hear that you got to Philly safe and sound.. I am sure things are swarming around in your brain right now, but will soon settle. I am envisioning you in Africa right at this moment taking in the land, the people, the culture! I have so ooooooo many questions!! miss you..