Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Final's Week

It's the second day of final's week! Yipee!!!! I LOVE final's week b/c it means the end is almost near. I've always felt that way...even when i was taking classes. I just loved final's week and all it's drama, stress, cramming, late nights, coffee overloads. It all built up to successes, relief, lightness of spirit, spring fever, finality.

Including today, i have 9 days left at USD. OMG. Since April, time has escaped me. Seems like yesterday was just April 15th and this weekend had to have been April 1st. Right?! The other day i was walking downtown to rent some movies, and i was thinking about how easy it would be to stay here. I absolutely love my apt, but i bet i could afford a cute little house that's ALL mine. And it's great to walk or ride my bike downtown or to campus in a matter of minutes. Jones Food Center is my haven, loaded w/ organic and all-natural foods and Mister Smith's breads! To die for. Vermtown is lovely in the summer....serene, quiet, lazy. Carey's back porch patio is the place to be any day of the week...or night for that matter. No pushing your way to the bar, and every friday happy hour includes music! I plant a garden filled w/ veggies and loaded with flowers. I could participate in the Farmers Market. My job at USD would be mine for as long as i'd want.

But i wouldn't be happy, not completely happy anyway. I would continually wrestle w/ my soul, the need to do something more, to fulfill my passion for alternative healthcare, the desire to travel and learn and explore. And that's why i know i'm making the right decision. As scary as the unknown will be....as overwhelming as this process has been....as sad as i'll be for leaving those dear to my heart and the familiar....all those things pale in comparison to what i'll be doing, and who i'll become, and what i'll do w/ that knowledge once i return.

I'm struggling with saying good-bye. But the great thing about saying good-bye is knowing i'll say hello again really soon!


bikingbrady said...

I'll miss you most of all scarecrow!

You know I wish you the absolute best. I hope you have a wonderful experience and that you are able to post on your blog so we can keep up to date with you!

Lu said...

What a lovely post! I am so excited for you!

jcf said...

makes me wanna cry. super happy for you, but i can't help be a little selfish...you will be amazing in swazi...you are exactly what they need!

OzWeaver said...

Just stumbled on your blog because I did a search for DA Powell's poem "Sprig of Lilac." I have enjoyed reading through some of the poems you love, and reading about your upcoming Peace Corps assignment. Good luck and best wishes!

Brenda (in NJ)

Michael said...

Good Luck sis - I'm very proud and excited about what you are setting out to accomplish.

May God go with you and shower you daily with all the blessings you need.