Friday, June 27, 2008

Mbabane Swaziland

I'm in the Swaz. We arrived by charted bus to Mbabane this afternoon. It took an hour to cross the border from South Africa into Swaziland. As we approached the border, and continued to travel toward our destination, the scenery changed from brown, desolate vegetation to lush green trees and fields. The one really great thing i saw in SA was an irrigation system... i think it was a Valley. I thought about what my dad would think about the farming practices. And in J'burg we saw palm trees- they are huge! Oh the other really great thing....cattle roam free along the roadside. We had to slow down a few times to avoid hitting ones that wondered onto the highway. Oh speaking of the highways, it's the British system; everything is opposite.

I'm feeling a little off b/c of the malaria pills. Kinda dizzy since tuesday, and last night i started having really weird dreams....apparently both are normal. GREAT!

The current volunteers were over-eager to meet us. A little overwhelming for me after traveling 2 days on a plane and then 4 hours by bus. They launched into conversation as sooner as we got off the bus. YIKES! Maybe they just wanted fresh conversation w/ new people.

My group is growing on me. I really like my roomie...she's lived in Mpls the last 6 years, is a Med Tech, vegetarian, loves bike riding, and it very laid back. We've enjoyed sharing our sarcasm. The rest of the group is super out-going and mostly extroverts. Not a bad thing unless you're an extreme introvert like me! Nonetheless, we all seem to be getting along.

My adapters and converters don't work here...i bought the wrong ones, so i need to sign off for now and save some battery space for tomorrow. I get to walk around Mbabane tomorrow w/ my walk-around allowance of 360 Emalangeni...i believe the conversion is 6 to 1....and that has to last me 2 weeks! Hopefully i'll be able to find the right outlet adapter.

This is still a surreal trip. It hit me at border crossing this i was actually in Africa. One day at a time, right?! Hugs, Love and Namaste


jcf said...

Shucks on the wrong converters! Let me know if anyone on this end can help! Love reading your updates...keep 'em coming! love to you! be safe and well! xoxox

mderby said...

Hey Jen,

Glad to hear your roommate is in the very exclusive Med Tech club (my first profession!)

Thinking about you and hoping the converter issue is handled.

To all the good you will accomplish~

Flying Tomato said...

So glad to see you are posting--hope to see some updates soon.

Had a good visit with Annette--who called via cell and coyly suggested I meet her for coffee at the CSG!

One day at a time is good. The future will work itself out.

Miss you lady. Eat exotic veggies for me.


Pat said...

I am so familiar with Mbabane that I can almost picture you walking the streets and gravel roads. This will be the greatest adventure and you will meet some of the most gentle and kind people imaginable!

I am so grateful to walk this journey with you.
Pat Johnson