Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting prepared

So i think i'm fairly prepared...item-wise...for my upcoming trip. I have a solar powered battery charger that also charges cells phones, iPods and the like. Very cool! I have a Tivoli radio, which will serve as externals speakers for my iPod and claims to bring in major radio stations. It's cobalt blue w/ cherry wood. I have a voltage transformer and converter set...ya know for my hair dryer and straightening iron! (hehehe) I have work clothes, casual clothes, work-out clothes, dressy clothes. I'm taking my y0ga mat for sanity. My camera will capture my new home, neighbors and friends. A journal for ocassional lunatic rantings, frustrating days, and memorable, satisfying moments.
The thing i'm most struggling with: What shoes do i bring and which ones stay behind, getting packed away and never seeing my feet for 2 years? Dilemmas! I bought a pair of Keen sandals. I'm taking my running shoes. They recommend a good pair or 2 of casual walking shoes. Check. Check. Check. But what about going-out shoes? And the shoes I'll wear w/ my dress for the Swearing-in ceremony? And the shoes for social gatherings? I know, the drama! In all honesty, i'm (mostly) kidding. Okay, so i have a guilty pleasure for fashion and a small obsession for shoes. Really, i'm worried about what pair of cute, sexy shoes to take w/ me even though i say it's important. Can you say distration?! Have you noticed i'm NOT talking about if i'm mentally or emotionally prepared for this trip. Well....i'm saving that for another day.

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Lu said...

Seriously, though, shoes are IMPORTANT! I don't think you are distracting yourself at all!