Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No patience

I belong to a Facebook group called Peace Corps: I'm being sent to Africa. Usually I enjoy seeing where people are being placed and when they are leaving. Today I read about 2 people who are going to West Africa in July 08. I'm leaving in May 08 and all I know is Africa. That's a pretty damn big continent to consider. There are alot of possibilities! Which country will be mine to explore? And i'm trying, really trying to stay patient. But I broke down today, emailing my Africa Placement Team lady. I'm pathetic, yes I am! It's all I can do to remain in my skin. Patience is my biggest struggle. I have none. I am in awe of people who seem to have it in abundance. Where to they get it? Is it sold at Wal-Mart? I bet it is, and they are taunting me with it b/c I don't shop there. Damn you, cursed Wal-Mart! I will not frequent your overly-bright aisles in search of patience, which I'm sure you charge a pretty penny for!

Winter is fast approaching this mad town. Once winter hits here, I get cagey. I hope I have a country soon!

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